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Moulay, Morocco

Free Wave< & Surf Gods

Safety in waves, jumping, getting over white water, tactics, looping, wave riding, tacking, improved acceleration and upwind skills, waterstarts, gybing, advanced skills and more!

Cribby's Comment
"I've been a regular to Morocco since 2003 and it always feels like a trip back through time! Moulay is no exception but is entirely different from it neighbour of Essaouira. Moulay is the home town of one of the world's best windsurfers Boujmaa Guilloul who honed his skills in the world class wave sailing that Moulay often has, unlike Essaouira that has very safe and mellow surf. Moulay is a raw surf village with only about thirty residents, who are welcoming and still astonished at our ability to land, windsurf and leave like aliens. It has very limited accommodations and facilities and as such one feels a real sense of adventure there. Essaouira on the other hand is one of the most outstanding and mind blowing cities in the world with 70,000 inhabitants essentially living in a castle- it is off the scale culturally, only thirty minutes away so always worth the visit, but for getting away from the city life to chill with BBQs and beers at sunset after a day of pure wave sailing, Moulay is a wonderfully remote venue that I cant wait to get back to! Other guests felt the same, a real sense of adventure exudes from Moulay."

April to May and Sept to Oct, 4-5 days per week, 4.5-5.7m winds
June, July & August 5-6 days per week 3.7- 4.7m wind

Sept 2011 Cribby's INtuition week scored 4/7 days of wind and 6/7 surf.

Breaking waves, good wave sailing, can get choppy in June, July, August. Waves in Spring and Autumn up to mast high but more often head high. Waves are not heavy, they are very manageable and predictable. Check out Boujmaa's video from 2011 to see some extraordinary windsurfing from one of the very best and get a feel for the venue.

During the best tidal range you can launch and land on sand, however there are very significant rocks and reef to watch out for launching and landing. Once you're out everything is a great set up for safe and really fun wave sailing with perfect side shore and steady winds. You should have some experience of tricky launching and landings to handle low tide, or super high tides- it is not easy, or for the feint hearted.

Yes, short arm/ long leg most of the season 3/2mm or 4/3mm. Shorties in the lighter wind days in August and Sept.

Magic Fun Afrika - we enjoyed great service and equipment from Bruno and his team, the closest centre to the beach at about 150m walk. Mostly using Fanatic boards and North Sails.

A real beach bums paradise perched on the top of the cliff overlooking the surf. Colourful and unique, you de-stress as soon as you arrive- please see photos in the gallery below.

3 hours by taxi from Marrakesh or Agadir

Sand, surf boards, windsurf gear, changing room, toilet and shower at Magic Fun, snacks, nothing else - this is the wild west coast!

Surfing, SUPing photography, chilling out!

Board shorts and T's by day, hoodie and trousers at night. Note for comparison, Moulay is significantly warmer than Essaouira even though they're so close.

Filmed from the shore from elevated positions with high def camera, pro tripod and 2x optical converter, the INtuition filming is second to none. Played back on screen over a few beers daily for your best progression.

We pre arrange all our meals locally in the only restaurant or with Bruno and a BBQ on the beach. One or two nights we'd head into Essaouira for some incredible food, but in Moulay the food is fun, traditional and plenty of it!

Bruno stocks up on his red wine for our visit but there are no bars or nightlife- it'll be windsurf, dinner, banter, vino and sleep!

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