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Baja, Mexico

Surf Gods

Cribby's Comment
"Baja is one of the world's very best wave sailing locations, widely recognised as being one the top five destinations for the world's best windsurfers. The combination of side off shore winds and the cleanest Pacific surf I have ever seen, rolling into the bay with machine like precision and regularity, ensures your riding is fast, smooth and safe, allowing you to go harder and harder on every wave until you’re literally going for aerials and looking like wave sailing superstars, all under my watchful eye and non-stop coaching. Baja is unique in that we all fly in private planes to a campsite right on the beach. The camp is permanently set up and provides us with as much food and booze as we can manage before retiring to our private tents. It is an experience that is immeasurably cool and is something all aspiring wave sailors should experience in life- it's so easy and flattering, you just wont stop talking about it."

INtuition Surf Gods in Baja, Mexico

Side off shore 4.5m- 5.8m weather

Smooth, perfect, clean predictable waves for the ultimate wave riding experiences.

Launch from the campsite not more than thirty paces from your tent into perfection. Sail either one of four main peaks in what is essentially a very safe wave sailing area with no shorebreak or bad rips to deal with.

Wetsuits are usually a must- short arm/ long leg 3/2mm or shorties in the autumn but in lighter winds we were fine in shorts some days. We’re there at the very hottest time of the year but even so, bring your wetsuit.

The centre at SoloSports is one of the best centres I’ve ever seen in that they have plenty of 100% carbon booms, 90% carbon masts and even pro edition boards. This extra light performance gear ensures the kit will not be holding you back!

Hotel!? This is camping on the beach. We all have our own tents rigged and ready for us. Pure beach bumming joy!

Approx 10 seconds from plane to tent. Although it's approx three hours from San Deigo on private drug smuggling style aeroplanes, flying into Mexico, dealing with the hilarious border control, then flying south following the beach and surf until we see our campsite. Land on the runway and walk approx 30 paces to your tent.

Everything under the sun, so to speak. Internet (but no Skype.) No phone coverage.

Surfing, SUPs, mountain biking.

Boards shorts and T’s during the day, trousers hats and hoodies at night- it can get pretty fresh.

Filmed from the shore from elevated positions with high def camera, pro tripod and 2x optical converter, the INtuition filming is second to none. Played back on screen over a few beers daily for your best progression.

Breakfast Every day the staff provide us a different and filling breakfast fit for a king, or just tuck into any of the cereals and fruits around. Lunch Come ashore at a pre arranged time and tuck into another delicious meal. Dinner No shortage of food in the evenings either, a mix of Mexican and north American meals and plenty of wine ensure everyone is totally refuelled for the next days.

We have such a good time here in Baja, From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave there is no money exchanged- the price is an all inclusive price for every last glass of wine or cocktail, and with not a soul around for approx six hours drive, we perch ourselves around the bar area usually playing childish games and amusing ourselves with Mexican induced banter. The drinks and nightlife are fantastic.

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