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Cribby's Comment
"Maui, Hawaii- did you ever think your dreams of going to Maui could be realised? I have tailor made this trip to offer you the very ultimate windsurfing experience of all time- nothing is comparable. It's inaugural course in 2008 was with out doubt the best windsurfing course ever held in the history of windsurfing- we sailed double mast high waves safely, we ripped at Hookipa with legends like Robby Naish and Bjorn Dunkerbeck, we had private windsurfing jump session with the double forward looping hero Marcillo Browne, a private yoga session and morning with Fransisco Goya, a private tour of the world’s top board shapers factory with Nik Baker, we sailed with and met Kauli Seadi, Josh Angulo, Ricardo Campello and Josh Stone to name just a few. We stayed in the best location and sailed the very best spots scoring perfect conditions throughout. If you want to be totally immersed into the ultimate windsurfing playground surrounded by all the windsurfing legends in action, this is the only clinic in the world that offers you this opportunity. We hit Maui at THE best time of year to combine great wind stats and the last good swells of the winter, in town at exactly the same time of year as all the leading brands photo shoots to ensure the world's very best windsurfers are all on the water. If you’ve dreamt of going to Maui, this is the only trip to consider- crammed with windsurfing extremes and uber experiences"

Trade winds are reliable at this time of year, 4.7m -5m weather, wind from the right, side shore and side off shore.

Waves, glorious predictable clean rolling swells of blue beauty and perfection.

We sail from a variety of different locations- wherever is most suitable on the day as winds and swells are always changing. Sprecks is best for jumping, Kanaha for basic wave riding or if the swell is too huge elsewhere, Hookipa for the experience of a lifetime and Kuau for the most demanding sail ever.

No wetsuits needed!

We create a specialist package of three boards and six rigs shared between two of you- so we pair you up with someone who’ll be on a bigger or smaller set up than you so you basically have the use of two boards each and plenty of rigs at any time. This unique allowance is the perfect solution for Maui who's traditional gear rental is just one board and two rigs that you have to return to the depot if you want to change. We also use one of the few centres who offer insurance.

Staying in the very heart of windsurfing's Mecca- Paia, we can walk (even crawl) to all the bars and restaurants in this tiny village that is the windsurfing world's HQ. The accommodation is all ours so we have the free run of the place. Good internet / WiFi free of charge. Check it- Some people like to stay in beach houses on Maui - nice idea but since the windsurfing takes place from different locations everyday, and very rarely from the area of beach houses, why overspend on this when you don't get to use it? Plus you have the hassle of having to find designated drivers to go to dinner every evening - disaster! Best to be in Paia.

15 mins fom airport

Very few of Maui's beaches have any facilities, only Ho'okipa and Kanaha have toilets.

Surfing, star spotting, whale watching, hiking, all kind of irrelevant since we’ll be windsurfing all the time!

Board shorts and t-shirts all the way!

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