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The Difference
To anyone who’s not experienced INtuition yet, it will be difficult to realise just how different Guy Cribb INtuition is to traditional teaching methods or alternative coaching courses and how beneficial to your windsurfing INtuition will be. A quick look at the testimonials should help you realise just how good these courses are, but here are some of the key differences that sets Guy Cribb INtuition a world above any alternative windsurf coaching.

INtuition is all about your development. Guy is there solely to help you improve in every way he can. This is his only concern.

Actually another concern is that you are always having fun, so from breakfast until bed time there is always something going on. And it’s usually very amusing.

You will be challenged, you will be complimented, you’ll be kindly assisted and you will radically improve.

Windsurfing is an adrenaline sport and a lifestyle and you will have overdoses of both.

Pro vs Am?
Guy is a professional windsurfer who has become a professional windsurfing coach. Most other windsurfing coaches or instructors are amateur windsurfers who have become ‘pro’ coaches. To sail like a pro, sail with a pro.

INtuition vs RYA?
Guy Cribb has developed a unique modern windsurfing syllabus based on his unprecedented coaching and windsurfing experiences over twenty years. His content is unique and accurate, allowing guests to rapidly improve on his clinics and continue to improve in his absence. Most other UK coaches are RYA instructors using an older syllabus that they have been taught to teach you, and however well they can shine it, it’s not going to take you as far as INtuition can.

24/7 vs casual?
Guy Cribb does not take a minute off- his clinics truly are 24/7. Invariably we are first to the beach and last to leave, fanatical about improving with loads of onshore and on the water coaching, personal and group sessions, and daily video replay/ analysis. Every evening there is a social dinner arranged only at the very best restaurants or ultimate local cultural experiences; guests regularly ask “how on earth did you find this place?!” Furthermore at most venues Guy employs local event co-ordinators to ensure he can truly give 100% of his time and knowledge to his guests. From the moment you arrive on an INtuition Clinic, to the moment you leave, everything is arranged and the coaching, windsurfing and socials are non-stop for your most efficient and enjoyable development.

Other coaches offer five day weeks, some even less, and only a few hours a day and a few evenings a week. These are good if you want a relaxing holiday with some windsurfing improvement, but if you want a dedicated windsurfing clinic to ensure progression way beyond your expectation, with a great crowd of mostly young professionals with a lust for life, Guy Cribb INtuition is the only course for you.

Wind vs no wind?
In 2008, out of 94 days of coaching, INtuition scored an unprecedented 88 days of wind. INtuition only goes to venues at exactly the right time of year for guaranteed good conditions. Some other windsurfing courses are held just to encourage bookings in the low season.

Quality and quantity vs cheap and cheerful?
What price would you put on learning to gybe in a week, or a day, or mastering footstraps, taking all the strain out of waterstarting, sailing faster than your mates, or looping? INtuition clinics cost only a fraction more than alternative windsurfing clinics, yet can offer twice the coaching! It’s a no-brainer: waste your time and money on a windsurfing holiday with tuition thrown in, or ‘pro’ coaching for a few sessions a day or week, or join a highly effective INtuition clinic for 24/7 devotion to your development.

Hollywood vs home movie?
A key area to good coaching is good filming. I personally film all my guests as I know exactly what I want to replay to them later to ensure their fastest personal development. All filming is done on high definition video cameras on quality sturdy tripods. This guarantees the smoothest, clearest, most precise video feedback possible. Having studied photography at college, and spent nearly 20 years filming guests, there is no comparison to INtuition’s video replay sessions. If your coach or instructor is using a monopod, or worse still, no tripod at all, you’re on the wrong clinic.

There is no comparison. Guy Cribb INtuition Clinics are unique and the most intense windsurfing experiences you could wish for. If you want to improve to your maximum potential, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and have an epic time doing so, with years worth of windsurfing crammed into a week, there is only one real professional windsurfing coach or clinic to consider.

And that’s why the INtuition clinics are literally always fully booked.

INtuition Courses. Taking the world by storm. 


20200102AustraliaFR, FW & Foil02-21 Jan'20
20200201FuerteventuraFoil Surf and Tow In Surfing course 01-08 feb'2020
20200308Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil08-22 Mar'20
20200425HawaiiSurf Gods25 April -09 May'19
20200525PrasonisiFR &Foil25-31 May'20
20200531PrasonisiFR &Foil31 May- 06 June'20
20200627PrasonisiFR & Foil27 June-04 July'20
20200704PrasonisiFR & Foil04-11 July'20
20200803UK & EuropeFR & FoilAug'20
20200905PrasonisiFR & Foil05-12 Sep'20
20201003Brandon BayFW03-10 Oct'30
20201114BrazilFR14-28 Nov'20
2020411EssaouiraFW11-18 April'20
2020726Poole, UKKids Camp, FR & Foil26 July-02 Aug'20

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