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Which course should I go on?
If you have any doubt whatsoever as to which course is best for you, having read the course content and the INtuition Course Finder please email me and I will ensure you get on the ultimate clinic. Literally all INtuition guests return time and again for more courses, working their way up from intermediate windsurfers to real experts over the years/ clinics.

Am I good enough to join the course?
You probably are, but please follow these links to see the minimum standard to join the clinics. Freeride, Freewave, Surf Gods.
If in any doubt, please email me directly-

What is the timetable of the clinic?
Each venue and course is different as they are all geared around individual and group needs, but one thing is for sure- we will be first to the beach and last to leave. I have coaching planned all day every day, and every breakfast, lunch and dinner is arranged for the whole group too. Video filming and replay is also virtually daily (with exception of day one). So there’s rarely more than a few minutes off on this non-stop week, however if you ever wish to have some time off, you are of course welcome to take as much as you need, whenever you want.

Can I bring my partner or family?
Since the courses are literally 24/7, if you brought friends, partners or family, unless you take time away from the clinic, you would only see them in the evenings. As such, almost all guests travel alone, and this is what we recommend. However, if you are prepared to either miss some of the clinic for your partner, or they are prepared for you to be very pre-occupied, then please bring them. Partners are welcomed to be around at any time, however children are not permitted for the evening meals and socials. Sorry, but most of the guests have left their kids behind and don’t want to have to hold back in evening conversations!

Can I come alone?
Yes, almost all course participants travel alone. We quickly develop lasting friendships with other guests as we do everything together, breakfast, lunch, dinner and windsurfing. The trips are extremely social and there’s always enough guests to share a variety of different friendships.

Can I arrange my own travel?
Yes, travelling from anywhere in the world, including the UK, you can arrange your own travel and just join the course. However it is vital you contact me before you make your arrangements to secure your place on the course, as literally every trip gets fully booked up. I also use windsurf travel agents who can arrange the package price of flights, hotel, kit rental, clinic fee and all transfers, taxes etc for many of my courses.

Can I join if I am not from the UK?
Yes, on an average INtuition Clinic, less than half the guests are from the UK! Guests regularly join me from Australia, Brasil, America, Canada, Asia, Russia and from all over Europe. Everyone is welcome for these exciting weeks.

Can I take some time off during the clinic?
Yes, you can take as much or little time off as you like, although the courses are so much fun and invaluable windsurfing, so most people hang in there for the whole week! You can always recover when you return home!

Am I fit enough?
Yes, you can do as much or as little windsurfing as you like, however, the fitter you are, the more you will be able to put all your new skills into practice!

Can I join for just part of a clinic?
Guests are invited to join a clinic for as much or as little as they wish, however, you must attend the start of a clinic, and be there for the first few days, rather than joining in half way through or close to the end.

Am I too old? Or too young?
INtuition guests are generally between 25-55, with a lust for life. However there are some exceptions, Posh John, Bruno, Mary; you’re all hard core oldies who still rip and are always welcome!
Anyone under 18 should attend specific UK or INtuition Kids/ Youth camps.

How much is a course?
2010 pricing is £75 per person per day for a week long course (x 6.5 days total £490/ EURO 560), £80 per person for an afternoon UK clinic, or £120 per person per day for a full day clinic/ or per day for a 2 day Surfari.

Private clinics by arrangement- please email

Do you run private clinics?
Yes, I run lots of private clinics all over the world for a number of fortunate guests. Please contact me directly if you are keen on a private

Why should I come on this clinic when I can get ‘pro’ coaching on a cheaper holiday?
If you want to improve your windsurfing fastest and have an awesome time doing so, you go on an INtuition clinic. If you want to progress slower and don’t mind waiting for wind, or lazying around by the pool with a little amateur tuition here and there, there’s plenty of cheap trips for you, but you’d need to go on a lot of them before you reached the levels you’d get to on one INtuition course! Please see the differences.

Which board shall I rent?
Everyone needs different board sizes and styles for different venues and different levels. If you do not know which is the best size for you when you are making your booking, please email me directly-, listing following info- which clinic/venue you are joining, your approx weight and height, your current level and what you hope to learn, then I can best help you choose the right board.

What shall I bring?
Each venue requires different packing, but literally all venues require suncream and a harness. Dahab also needs wetsuit shoes just for launching and landing.

Will it be windy?
In 2008, out of 94 days of coaching, 88 had strong winds. INtuition Clinics are only held at exactly the right time of year to ensure perfect conditions. The tricky thing is finding a light wind day to break the moves down into slow motion for Muscle Memory. A light wind day is a blessing- but will not be a day off! Often the light wind sessions are the most intense sessions of all, but you can be sure most of the course will be windy.

Should I buy the DVD?
Yes, of course! Whether you’re a total beginner wanting to make sure you get off to a good start on the right tracks, or, if you’re an accomplished windsurfer seeking perfection, or anyone in between, INtuition’s Gybing and Core Skills DVD is by far the most acclaimed and informative DVD out there. Check out some of the feedback.

Should I buy a Cribb Sheet?
Yes- it will help you progress tremendously, helping set up and fine tune your equipment even if you haven’t a clue. With the equipment set up correctly, naturally your stance and technique can evolve properly.

20200102AustraliaFR, FW & Foil02-21 Jan'20
20200201FuerteventuraFoil Surf and Tow In Surfing course 01-08 feb'2020
20200308Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil08-22 Mar'20
20200425HawaiiSurf Gods25 April -09 May'19
20200525PrasonisiFR &Foil25-31 May'20
20200531PrasonisiFR &Foil31 May- 06 June'20
20200627PrasonisiFR & Foil27 June-04 July'20
20200704PrasonisiFR & Foil04-11 July'20
20200803UK & EuropeFR & FoilAug'20
20200905PrasonisiFR & Foil05-12 Sep'20
20201003Brandon BayFW03-10 Oct'30
20201114BrazilFR14-28 Nov'20
2020411EssaouiraFW11-18 April'20
2020726Poole, UKKids Camp, FR & Foil26 July-02 Aug'20

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