“I started keeping a record of some of your ‘thankyou’ emails in 2006 and reading through them all recently fuels me with massive desire to continue helping everyone’s windsurfing. I love coaching and the INtuition Courses get better and even more fun every year, so a massive thanks to everyone for all the good times and making me enjoy INtuition as much as you do! There’s thousands of thankyou messages, here’s a few of them from the INtuition courses and praise for the INtuition DVDs at the bottom of this page” - Guy Cribb
"thanks again for everything during the holiday, I had a wicked time and really enjoyed every minute… you were a true professional throughout and a great teacher, which doesn't always follow! Thanks for all your hard work, not to forget sorting out all the kit (pretty essential!) and the video/photo sessions and arranging the freestyle demos which were a real treat and really added to the trip." - Mary (Irish) Margarita

"Thanks for a tremendous holiday. Your enthusiasm, commitment, patience
and coaching skills are second to none"
- Chris, Dahab

"thanks for your dedication and going that extra 100 miles - what an experience ! plus perfect conditions!” - Paul

“Thank you all for the greatest clinic ever! …pinpoint instruction, entertaining group of fine fellows, and a real adventure.” - Gerry
“I had an awesome time, THE best windsurfing trip I have ever been on...a really great crew plenty of laughs and great times (apart from the day I wasn’t supposed to swear..that was agony!!) ...good on ya Cribby, your the king mate, thanks for going to such great lengths to make this the trip of a life time and all the amazing extras.” - Nick, the Aussie in Maui.
“Thanks again for all your cheer and great sailing instruction. I genuinely think my sailing improved more in these three days than in the past 20 years. No joke!!”  - Chris (English), Dahab

“What a holiday and yet another hugely effective INtuition course!  I'm defintely doing Morocco next April/May!” - Mark, (Northerner) Dahab, June 
"Thanks again for the fantastic coaching and the inspiration to really go for it and loop.... Thanks everyone for making the trip so memorable.  Having spent 2 weeks laughing at smutty jokes its a transition back to real life.  Telling the stories back home now the waves were the size of houses and we all shredded the biggest Hookipa had to offer....." -  Jeremy, Maui

"Just wanted to say massive thanks- you’ve done it again the Intuition course has boosted my confidence level massively, able to handle those extreme conditions as the days progressed I was able to sail 84l boards 4m rigs and surfing those waves which I never imagined of. As well as jumps and almost pulling off a back-loop!"
"Not forgetting the off-beach activities they were tremendous! With great bunch of people too what a week" - Raj (English) Morocco 2009

"Thank you for a very exciting and fun week. You're very good on what you do: great coaching and entertainment." - Luiz (Brazillian), Dahab

“never a dull moment for you and your lads...very entertaining!! …this was one of my (Favorite) trips this season. I will just have to make sure that I am there at camp for your next Adventure in San Carlos, Mexico!!” - Kathy, co-owner Solo Sports, Baja, Mexico
“Thank you all for the greatest clinic ever! I’m already scheming for how to join the Maui trip…..Once again, pinpoint instruction, entertaining group of fine fellows, and a real adventure. Hope to see you all again soon.” - Gerry (American), Mexico, 09

 "Another great holiday...Until the next time my friend!" - Jezza, Greece

" I played the best game of golf of my life yesterday which leads me to think that not only is intuition good for your windsurfing but it is also very good for golf!" - Richard, Greece, 2009

"We are still talking heaps about this holiday. What a nice bunch of people it has been." - Dorothy (German) Morocco 2009

"What a day! Muscles that I never knew I had are hurting, it’s difficult to walk, in fact difficult to do anything. Can’t wait to practice some more. Awesome Master." - Chris, freeride clinic UK

"Thanks very much for a brilliant very memorable once in a lifetime (but hopefully more than that) blast!"- John (English), Dahab

"THANKS big time for (another) excellent Intuition experience. Morocco was awesome, thanks so much again Guy for the whole superb experience and for enhancing my windsurfing skills & enjoyment more than I could have hoped for." - Kevin (Scottish) Morocco

"Guy - may i thank you for a really fantastic week - much more than even i hoped for - the guys were still buzzing hours later on the plane home! - i will reiterate you are the no 1 coach and i would hope to be able to repaet the exercise - thanks for your dedication and going that extra 100 miles - what a experience ! plus perfect conditions!"- Paul, Ras Sudr

That's the best windsurfing holiday yet, I can't praise it enough, perfect conditions, chance to try out some new kit, excellent accommodation, traditional meals, an enjoyable group of like minded people and the coaching was pretty good!" "Just what I hoped for, a perfect introduction to wave sailing, your patience
and encouragement was much appreciated, however I now have two small
1) Carsington will now prove boring but I suppose it will give me the opportunity to master the c.j
And 2) I am completely boll**ks, my arms can't be raised above my head!
- Paul (Northerner) Morocco


"thanks for a terrific week good company,good food,wind,waves and cribby magic on and off the water" - Derek (English) Morocco

"Hi Guy - amazing week as always, thanks for everything you put into it - socials as well as the course." - Chris, Morocco

Firstly thanks for another storming holiday, absolutely rammed with decent memories some great........some not so great.....the arse slap in the Hamam being one of them !!"

"No honestly it was exactly what I needed height octane wave riding, which has given me the confidence to get out there in the waves and move off my "safe" inland water! I can tell it's given me back my windsurfing bug as I'm on the weather site every lunch time now checking for wind
and wave forecasts! "

"those 7 days were the best fun you could have with your pants on !! You can quote me on that !!"

- Alec (English) Morocco
"Thanks for a great weekend, it was fantastic to finally make it into the foot straps! The tuition was spot on, really clear and memorable. I’m now busily making notes to put into practice when my muscles finally unwind."- Seb, UK

"it was a fantastic week, and once again, Guy proves his teaching skills, cant believe i (nearly) managed forward in couple days!" - George (Dutch, English, French, Spanish mix), Morocco

"hello all. Like to thank everyone for their company and friendship over the week, made an old man very happy." -  Derek Morocco 2009

"I cant believe how much i improved over the week, cant wait to get out on my board next to show my mates how much better i am(than they are!). Much appreciated keep working the Cribb magic." - Simon (English) Margarita

"the best! Great coaching, perfect conditions, new friends, crab dancing, food, and big fun (except for a few moments ;-). I can still hear Guy shouting “Kris, Kris look at me ….I am your exit”. Well he is right! I am pretty sure I will follow the footsteps of “vintage” crabbers like Owen with his 9 times (and still hungry for more)."
"So I keep on thinking which clinic I should go next, but for now I am sitting at home with no perspective of surfing, skiing or even running in the coming weeks. After Swedish docs Xrayed my foot, it turned out that I apparently broke my little toe on Margarita. I must have been adrenaline, wine, cocktails, lobsters and good humor that kept me going. Well that applies probably to all of us." - Kris (Swedish) Margarita

"Being a serial gay crabber - 8 or 9 trips  this one was probably the most enjoyable , best crowd of people... this was a really cool one." - Owen (Irish) Margarita

"Had such a good day, you broke it down perfectly, everyone was
looping everywhere from the off."
  - Lee, looping clinic, UK

"Fantastic day on Saturday. Very happy after thinking about it for at least 15 years that I managed to finally throw myself into a few proper attempts and get a bit of a rotation going. the first one was definitely the best attempt and the feeling charging off the beach in a group in the sun towards some small waves all fired up to do it was what pushed me over the edge into finally trying."- Jeremy, looping clinic, UK

"Many thanks for a cracking day. Really feel i have made some progress at last!! Perfect organisation with the weather too." - Nick, looping clinic UK

"it was a most excellent surf trip. Cheers for arranging every little detail once again, this really was one to remember!!!"- Graham (English) Sicily

"Just a quick note of thanks for a great day on Saturday! Really enjoyed the format and it helped me no end. Managed to sail away from my first forward yesterday and haven't stopped smiling since!" - Stuart, looping clinic, UK

"Thanks to Guy for the best course I have ever been on (and I've done lots of courses ~ mosly on radiotherapy and how to teach junior doctors). Guy is the best teacher; positive feedback, always cool and calm, never has to shout (except '' to the tower'' and Polish expletives).Perfect in every way" - Georgina (English) Dahab

"the INtuition course has really boosted my wave sailing skills." - Martin, Dutchy in Morocco

“Guy - may i thank you for a really fantastic week - much more than even i hoped for - the guys were still buzzing hours later on the plane home! - i will reiterate you are the no 1 coach and i would hope to be able to repeat the exercise - thanks for your dedication and going that extra 100 miles - what an experience ! plus perfect conditions!”- Paul (English), Dahab

“wow, what a week - both Max and I had such a great time and that was down to the fantastic tuition, great people and really well organised evenings - it really was an experience to remember so hat off to Guy!” - James (English) Dahab

"perfect week in a perfect company - thank you” - Mikolaj (Polish) Dahab

"thanks to all of you guys, for your friendliness and for your liking. For me it’s been really a great week. I won’t forget. And you, Guy, please don’t stop teaching windsurf in the way you did it with us: using your heart!" - Nicola (Italian) Dahab

"Guy, thanks a lot for your time and learning method! It was great. I’m saying to my friends – this guy can teach even camel how to surf!" - Janis (Latvia) Dahab

"Thanks again for organizing such an UNBELIEVABLE trip!!   I look forward to finding another course to participate in soon!" - Tricia, from the Gorge, with INtuition in Jeri.

"UNBELIEVABLE to meet you all! Guy, that was totally amazing."- Blue in Jeri, Brazil

"thanks to Guy for all the dedication and professionalism showed in this course" - Claudio (Portugese) Dahab

"thanks for an epic holiday, just incredible all round and windsurfing, tuition and location were superb as ever, I'll be looking forward to my next one." - Mark in Brazil

"Many thanks for coming down on Saturday and providing us with an excellent and very full day of training. I think your structure for the day, with individual board skills in the morning, specific race skills in the afternoon, worked very well indeed.... many thanks for a thoroughly comprehensive day of windsurfing instruction and the really good news is that the Navy won the racing on Sun morning." - Best wishes, Gerry, Commander Royal Navy

"It has been great privilege to meet everyone and to spend a fantastic week, and none of this would be possible if not for the great master Guy"
"Guy, again big thanks to a tremendous week" -  Raj (English) Dahab

"a big thanks for the tremendous week!  and all the other guys too. Over the week I have learnt a lot and will put them into action. Must say you have some great coaching skills and techniques
Great feedback from the whole group. You will see me again!"
- Raj (English) Dahab

"Thanks for a great holiday Guy, Great location, great weather, great people & unbelievably good pints! Think I learned far more last week than I ever have windsurfing before." - Peter, Ireland

"So thanks to ALL of you for making it the UNBELIEVABLE trip of a lifetime!" - Alex in Brazil

"Kevin here, I've been meaning to write to you for ages, following a SUPERB, literally life-transforming experience with INtuition in Dahab (15-22 June). I expect you probably won't remember me, but just in case, here's some prompts: think genetic engineering, shaved head, careering over a shallow reef at 25+ knots (woops), and giving the V's to the camera (as shown on your webpage until recently, flatteringly enough) - don't know if you will remember..."
"Well, 4 months have passed since Dahab, and back here on my home turf (in NE Scotland) I've been gybing consistently; I can hardly believe the improvement that one week with your expert tuition has made - it'd taken me literally around 20 years of faffing around to get about 15% of the carve gybe cracked, yet in one week you'd added another 80% - literally miraculous. Amongst several other unforgettable Guy Cribb mantras, the term "one inch knob" never fails to slot into my mind just as I’m getting ready to enter a gybe... works bleeding wonders!! Also, speed; I actually wasn't that slow prior to INtuition, but now - well suffice to say that I just need to remember "arse" and "hip to be square" and I totally take off; I can now outpace most people, and keep up with the very best locals. Like on Saturday just there, I was on a 5.7 and another guy was blasting on a 6.5, he came up behind me without me noticing at first; so I straightened the old legs and tensed up, assuming the famous Guy Cribb stance, and simply pulled inexorably away from him. Unbelievable! On the beach he told me he was trying everything he knew to try to keep up, but he just couldn't..."
"Immense thanks Guy. Only a windsurfer can know the real value of what you imparted in that one week. Truly appreciated." - Kevin (Scottish) Dahab

"Thanks for a super intuition course. I will definitively try to go for another course later on."- Göran, Swede in Ireland

"it was mega Guy, loved every minute on & off water. even the many washing machine moments...."
"Just wanted to say thanks for all the 'intuition'. I would never have dreamt of going out in those kind of waves before. The course gave me the confidence to work out how to get out back and ride some waves."-James (English) UK Surfari

"Thanks for making it such an enjoyable couple of days.  Thursday was absolutely perfect and the best waveriding (with varying degrees of success) I have ever had.  Friday was just a punishing day which I enjoyed because of the huge challenge despite not actually making it out the back - very relieved that my gear and I are still in one piece after looking at those pictures.  It was very inspiring to witness how those big waves can be riden.  Sailing off the Essex coastline will never be the same." - Stephen (Essex) UK Surfari

"Great course last weekend, I was really impressed how you handled the mix of exprience. Me being the class dunce!!! I felt included and have learnt loads and now mastered those beach starts. My Windsurfing has jumped leaps and bounds and so has my addiction to this wonderfull past-time. I only wish I'd found it sooner ."- Matt UK freeride course

"Best holiday. Best windsurfing for decades. Well I could finally have been converted --- I might just have to spend more time on the water! Many many thanks for a fab time," - Pauline in jeri
"Once again it was a day packed full of good advice, tips, experience and excellent motivation/coaching!" - Sean UK Freeride course

"thanks for an excellent week last week.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself…. I can't believe how much my sailing progressed from the nervous sailor last Monday who had trouble water-starting and trouble with the deck plate to the person who was bombing along on the outside, hip to be square and cranking it into carve gybes - and even getting round on some." - Andy (English) Dahab June

"Also thanks 1000000000000000000000000000000000 for the coaching, it was fucking awsome! had an amazing week and ive landed 5 or 6 vulcans since ive some back and also been trying some spocks!! im well chuffed with myself:) but yea thanks alot your definitaly the best coach in the UK if not the world!!!"- Alex (English) Dahab

"V happy as not forgot all your wise teachings and managed 1st gybe on wave face. Cheers again for frickin great course. Take it easy. Love and kisses" - Paul

"just want to thank you again for organising a brilliant trip, it was an amazing experience one I'm re-living in my mind all the time."- John (English) Hawaii

"I bought the Gybing and Core skills video after reading a review about it and it inspired me to get back into windsurfing after more than 10 years away from the sport.  The video was so thorough and had such a high production quality that my wife and kids sit down to watch it when I put it in.  Thanks for the great product and the personal touch." - Ed, USA

"a big thank-you for such a great holiday. As ever, it was great fun, and you’re constant work to find the best wind, swells and perfect launch (Kuau excepted!) made for some much needed R&R on our half. The confidence levels are up…. so a big thank you, as ever, for a fantastic time."- Kate (English) Hawaii

“absolutely fantastic trip, just about a month too short."
"Huge thanks from us both for putting it all together too.  I'm still really pleased that I braved Hookipa on the last day!"- Paul (English) Hawaii

"No doubt it was a fantastic trip. By far the best windsurfing trip I ever did. It would be an
understatement simply to say I left my comfort zone. For me it really was pushing myself to another level of windsurfing! Besides learning a lot the whole pro spectacular going on and getting in touch with it due to the things you've arranged felt like being in 'The Movie'. Seeing it all really has been inspiring. After all thanks to you Guy for the great organization!"
-  Torsten (German) Hawaii

"Thanks for another brilliant trip Cribby. Felt like I was properly wavesailing at last and your expert tuition really helped it all come together."- Richie (English) Hawaii

"Thank you very much Guy for a very well organised clinic! I´ve got a lot of extremely practical and at the same time simple gybing, tacking, helitacking, waterstarting etc tips. And the DVD is excellent! Best  Regards" - Aivar Raudsik, Tallinn, Estonia

"Brilliant – thanks Guy, I definitely wouldn’t have sailed those spots without you. The last day at Hookipa was bonkers, just making it past the cameramen in the water, walls of whitewater, helicopter just overhead, being on the same wave as Robby and seeing him smacking the section only a few feet away – sensory overload!"
"So much great stuff to remember, Laird on his paddleboard, Francisco duck tacking just in front of the rocks and just being on the water whilst everyone ripped."
"Great coaching again."- Mike (English) Hawaii

"Awesome trip and have not been able to stop talking about it yet! Stitches come out on Tuesday" - Ali (English) Hawaii

"I have found that I have been inspired by the experiences that you have helped us to have, from the first days at Kanaha in mast and a half to the shit your pants launch at Kuau!!!  I am so looking forward to the next season so that I can improve and really enjoy the waves that sometimes are taken for granted in WA.  In Maui I have been able to sail with both inspirational people that were on the course and also pro sailors that made me feel that even the pros are 'normal'..... I am so happy that experienced windsurfers like you have considered that the average windsurfer is inspired by the opportunity to visit and windsurf with sailors in the Mecca of the sport." - Paul (Aussie) Maui 2008

"In short, "A brilliant time", I thoroughly enjoyed myself, you have given me a renewed confidence in the water, which I could not buy. The course has opened a whole new sphere of windsurfing to me and allowed me to develop my love of the sport.  Your timing for the course was fantastic, as you may have noticed we met the odd pro here and there, timing in life is everything." - Richard (English) Hawaii

"Aloha, Awesome trip mate.  Don’t think any of us could have asked for better.  Can’t believe its all over, and at work now.  Superstoked.  Made it in for 10am. If you can find time to email a group shot of us and Naish, that would be super cool." - Mike (English) Hawaii

"Where else would I get such quality entertainment from a windsurfing holiday? Thank you again Guy, for such a cracking week, right up to the very last minute. just had to say this... tuesday afternoon in the harbour, flat water & f5, 80% gybe success on starboard tack, still working on port tack, but hey this is the best i've ever achieved - all down to that week in the sun in march. it's really starting to feel like "riding a bike" instead of a bucking bronco, cheers so much for all the top tips & coaching!" -  Graham (Engish) Margarita

"A huge thanks to you for all your phenomenal coaching over the two weeks in margarita, definitely feel you kicked my windsurfing up a gear or two, was amazed by your 24/7 dedication and enthusiasm to all aspects of the trip, For now I'm looking forward to the spring season on the west coast, armed with the new confidence and skills  from your course, i hope to be catching my first waves very soon as well as continuing the NOW not so formidable task of cracking the carve gybe, not to mention perfecting my ballet style dismounts. will be keeping an eye on your future courses and hopefully will be traveling and windsurfing with you again in the near future," -  Geoff (Irish) Margarita

"Thanks for an excellent intuition week, really admire your energy you put into these weeks!" - Jan (Swedish) Margarita 2008

"Thanks again for making the Margarita trip such a brilliant week" - John (English) Margarita

"You have a great delivery style and, in addition, made the whole week look easy, the organisation, support, information, equipment hire and changes etc etc etc.  Well done!" -Louise (English) partner to course participant, Dahab

"hanks for a superb surfing happening in Dahab, in all ways something I will remember as long as I live. Your endless patience with us when doing the same mistakes all over again, is the mark of a very good coach."

"Thanks to you all for making this such a complete vacation, not the least socially, and thanks for your patience and concern when I once again showed you my hamburger hands - at least I set a new record - the worst hands ever that early in the week on Guys Clinic." - Pal (Norway) Dahab

"I had an absolutely fantastic week, both on and off the water, and I think I advanced a lot as a windsurfer"- Johnny (Norway) Dahab

"Never have been so motivated to improve further after a windsurfing holiday!... Cannot wait for Moulay. Seems that you will have to bear me on many more Clinics to come. I think you are doing a great job there - which by the way was the unanimous opinion of the whole group!" - Jurgen, everywhere!

"Thanks for a tremendous holiday. Your enthusiasm, commitment, patience
and coaching skills are second to none. I've learnt loads over the past
week - only hope I can retain some of it over the winter months!"

"Your "dawn to dusk, 7 day" commitment came as a very welcome surprise as I'd assumed that we only had you for a 5 day period and for "office hours" only - you'd have had us windsurfing to and from Sharm airport, if it was possible (maybe next year!) The varied evening program that
you fixed up was great and it gave us an insight into local life without us having to think about it too much (and no upset stomachs all week - as promised!)"
- Chris (English) Dahab

"A big THANK YOU for such a great course, I really enjoyed it and felt that I learnt loads even in the absence of much wind. THank you for being so patient and teaching me the basics and making it make sense. Lots of work on and build on." - Camilla UK course

"I have to say you were the perfect host throughout the four days.  All of the evenings entertainment went above and beyond anything I expected.  Who would have thought that we would be barbequing and watching DVDs on the beach in October in Ireland!  I would totally recommend anyone to join you on a course and hopefully I will be doing so myself again next year." - Steve (Irish) Ireland

"I am writing to thank you very much indeed for the excellent in-tuition in Maui. I learned a tremendous amount, and am sure I will benefit even more as I practice on my own kit many of the excellent things you showed us. It was excellent to have many of the moves broken down, and taught systematically. You really are an excellent teacher, and even more than that, went out of your way to provide individual help to everyone. All the events you organised including the Goya and Pryde visits were also much appreciated, and extremely informative. It made a really excellent 2 weeks."- Edmund, Englishman in Maui.

"thank you for your excellent "survival in the waves" tips! We survived everything from knee high Kanaha to +4 meters Koau, this April in Maui. In fact we felt that everything you taught us in Irland (2 years ago) came in handy, brilliant." - Calle (Swedish) Ireland

"Thanks for such a wicked course in Cornwall. The re-counted stories of wipeouts got us all the way through our 8 hour journey home (yeah, Andy was driving most of the way).  Steve is still stoked about his 'down the line' run. We all learnt, tonnes, and not just about sailing in the waves. Loads of little snippets that apply to all sailing. We were all amazed at what can be done in lighter winds and realise that all our basics have to be totally dialled to be prepared for the wave environment! It's just too easy to wait for a decent forecast and just go blasting." - Ryan (English) UK Surfari

"Thanks btw for a fantastic week with superb coaching!" - Daniel, Swede in Dahab.

"I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic time in Dahab."-  Harriet (English) Dahab

"Thank you again for a splendid week, you are not only a superb windsurfer and a gifted teacher
but also a terrific tourist leader and a very nice guy!"
-  Ann-Sofi (Swedish) Dahab

"I'm a thirty-nine-year-old singer-songwriter and love U2 but would rather meet you than Bono.... I had no-one to teach me and no-one else in this place windsurfed . But ... I had some of your articles from the Windsurfing magazine showing The Twist , Boomshaka , etc. that I had found on the internet , so from day one you were my windsurfing coach ! I bought the Intuition Gybing DVD ....So that really brings me to what I want to say : you , Mr Cribb , are a genius ! Yes , a total , Uber-genius . I went for a sail on New Years' Day ( just past ) and was cracking one planing exit after another on my gybes ! %&8#  the feeling I had as a kid when I learnt to ride a bicycle without training wheels ! This feeling , on New Years' Day , 2010 , with spray in my face , was a million times better ! It's sad that a move that looks so easy to on-lookers is so difficult to master , but there is not a chance in hell that I could have done it without your DVD .
So I just wanted to say : thank you thank you thank you !!! Anyway , thanks , Guy , for all the fantastic coaching ! You have literally been my only teacher , and I would not have had it any other way ! Keep living large , and bring out more movies ! Kind regards"
- Ulric
"The tuition really was excellent, I was amazed how much energy you put into it 24 hours a day. You'll definitely see us again on one of your courses at some point." - Fiona (English) Dahab

"I had a great holiday on and off the water and many thanks for all you taught Helen and I as well as all the encouragement that you gave us. Am going to raid the piggy bank….to come on another of your excellent holidays next year and will off course sing your praises." -  Roger (English) Dahab

“You are really good in what you do man :), not only the windsurfing part but the whole experience is just great. Although the pain and the suffering the way you do this makes us want more and more :) I really enjoyed being part of yr team once again and hope to join sometime in the future as well.” - Plamen, Bulgarian in Dahab

Thankyou for one of the best holidays that I have ever been on. Other activity holidays that I have been on do not compare either in terms of kit, enjoyment, and self evidently the excellence of your tuition. I was grateful to you for advising on choice of kit which was unsurprisingly spot on and all the helpful rigging tips, the latter which will follow me home along with the massively informative cribb sheet.
I was astonished that you were not lying about the 24/7 days on your website and that you were happy to give up your evenings to ensure that we were safe ( well save as for the Bedouin taxi drivers police chase situation  that is!!!) and also that we had somewhere good to eat. I came
back with loads of money which I would have squandered in other restaurants that would not have been a patch on the ones you took us to.
The tuition was just fantastic….
I learned loads including not being able to walk straight ever again due to doing the twist every time I come to a halt when I am walking and am hopeful to nail that planing out carve gybe (and duck gybe ) before the end of the year .
Thanks also for the loan of your board and rig (the dry cleaners bill for my board shorts was nearly as fearful as the damage to your reputation as people mistook me for you…
All in all , a great holiday and only tinged with the regret that I did not drink enough beer.
Once again, thanks fella and….see you again on another such trip.
Regards, Busta Camel"
- Roger (English) Dahab

"thank you for last Saturday’s session. it has given me a renewed passion for what had become a frustrating sport. Your training techniques are simple but effective and I was really impressed by the way you implant basic concepts and then build up from there. The muscle memory stuff onshore makes it a lot easier when you get out on the water plus the tuning tips were much appreciated” - Chris UK freeride day

"thanks for  a fabulous 'holiday', all the top tips and encouragement…. I really enjoyed it, feel like Ive learned loads, now just looking forward to practising it.. And I'll no doubt see you again sometime.. maybe Margarita..??" - Helen (UK) Dahab

"Me and Paul (aka Touretts) went out last Sunday (first time since Egypt) and it was cranking!! Overpowered on 5.5 & 5.9 (I had the man's size sail!) We both were a little nervous but this soon subsided after the first run. Probably the most noticeable aspect of our sailing was the fact that we were much more confident!. We went straight out at high tide, the sea was lumpy (loads of ramps!) with an onshore felt fantastic...our upwind skills and early planning came into their own! Used your harness sheet - worked a treat! especially with the NP 28s" - Matt (English) Dahab

“I hope your second week in Dahab was as good as our first week. I just  want to say thanks, once again for a great weeks coaching. On my return to the u.k… I have to say ,i don,t  remember dropping one gybe, and many were just about, planing exits. I just concentrated on keeping my elbows pointing down, and dropping my weight to the inside, like you said, and everything just seem to flow quite nicely. also the afternoon we spent going upwind and downwind between the two towers was excelent practice, I can now go upwind with
real ease, and then blast downwind in control.
I have to say since ,completing two intuition holidays now my enjoyment of our sport has been greatly enhanced.”
- Ian (Northerner) Dahab

“a big thank you for an amazing week in Dahab....  Basically it was absolutely fantastic - I've done a fair few courses in a pretty wide variety of sports and I can honestly say that yours was by far the best I've ever been on in any sport, and I loved every minute (with the possible exception of that classic moment of frustration you caught on vid!).  Had loads of fun, ate a lot of brilliant food in fab locations, the group was full of really great people, windsurfed more and better than I ever thought I could, and just learnt so much - can't wait to get out again.” - Bue (English) Dahab

"Thank you for an in many ways unforgettable week!” - Anders (Swedish) Dahab

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a top week of windsurfing.  I thought it went off big style with cranking +20 knots of wind, blue warm water, sun and great company. The time and effort you put in to organise the whole week is fully appreciated and made the most of the wind during the day followed by funny and interesting evenings to remember…. Thanks again, upmost respect to your wsurfing skills and teaching methods.  Thanks for the banter, you seem a top fella and I enjoyed your company." - Paul ‘Touretts’ (English) Dahab

"achieved what I wanted and some, so thanks for the extra time you were able to give me
during those endless waterstarts, much appreciated. Great food and good company, another memorable week.” -  Steve (English) Dahab

“… thank you very much indeed for a great week. I achieved more than I could ever have expected in such a short space of time. Your tips and guidance were tremendous and have turned years of frustration into some massive break through moments. I am inspired to spend more time on the water and specifically to get back to arseing about in lighter winds on a bigger board and a smaller sail and not just chasing those full on blasting days.  The general crack, night time excursions and all round entertainment were brilliant… The hands have stopped bleeding, the nose has stopped peeling, the bowels are almost back to normal, but the smile will take months to disappear. What a great way to celebrate turning 40!” - Harry (English) Dahab

"My wife and I have just got back from a two week intuition course with Guy Cribb in Margarita and it was awesome. We both improved heaps and had a fantastic time. The water is warm and the wind relentless, we sailed 14 days out of 14! We can thoroughly recommend Guy's coaching, an intuition course is definitely the way to go.  Guy also organizes wining and dining with his excellent local knowledge…”- Charles (Kiwi) Margarita

“Thanks for another brilliant holiday Guy….Cheers also for all the parties & nightlife, trust you will keep quiet about the monkey woman incident!” - Anon…

“… thank you for a great trip, I can't believe how exhausted I've been since I've been back so I know I worked and played hard. I definitely feel that my wave sailing has taken a real boost and can't wait to get back on it. Its always nice to hear flattering comments from other sailors (how gay does that sound!) but my improvement has only been as a result of trips like this one so thanks very much.”  - John (English) South Africa

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great week - it was immense fun as well as hopefully greatly improving my wind -surfing capability.” - Mark (English) Dahab

“Thanks for a fantastic week. Great food, great weather and great coaching. Couldn't have been better.” - Richard (English) Dahab

“Thanks for a great holiday, you were right the last day was epic and you will be pleased to know I nailed it. Regularly doing 5 to 7 turns on the wave vertically down and back up and got air off the lip once (OK 6" and I fell off in the white water but its a start). As you said leaning right forward was the real key and what a buzz. Paulie and friends dont believe the photographs and that anyone can sail in those conditions. God like status now!!!!!!!” - Ali (English) Ireland

“Thanks for a really great week. When i thought about it, everything about my sailing has changed in 1 week, for the better, and i will carry on and persevere with all the tips you gave me, cheers. I have already recommended your coaching to some mates this w/e, they could do with it as well i can tell you” - Paul English) Dahab


“Your gybing dvd is simply fantastic, the amount of detailed analysis is incredible, and by watching it over and over and over again I managed to get my first planing gybes after over 10 years of frustrated attempts.” - Fabio, Brazil

“Your gybing dvd is awesome. I've recommended it far and wide as the only "instructional" dvd that actually provides instruction.” - Tristan, Australia

“Mr Cribb you are a genius! Yes, a total Uber-genius. I was cracking one planing exit after another on my gybes! …Not a chance in hell that I could have done it without your DVD...” - Ulric, South Africa.

“The man that made windsurfing so much easier! Thanks to your INtuition Gybing Dvd …I have found myself performing countless planing carve gybes. In less than just 10 weeks you have helped me achieved this.”- Scully, Australia

“The DVD is MEGA, really breakdowns the stuff that counts in true Intuition style. Cribby strikes again!” - Alec, UK

“The jibe and 7 Core Skills with unique names mixed together…. just a perfect 10.0.” - Ned, USA

"thanks to your teaching and the ace DVD at last I am a man," - Nigel, UK

Of all the windsurfing gear I have bought, your Gybing DVD is my best and most important investment by far! - John, UK

“Just wanted to say that the next best thing to a clinic - your gybing dvd - is awesome. I've recommended it far and wide as the only "instructional" dvd that actually provides instruction. After reading numerous articles - and picking up plenty of unhelpful pointers at the beach - your dvd actually gave me specific steps to build up to my first carve gybe. A few weeks ago I did three full planing gybes in a row on an 85L board with a 5.8 sail. Chop is still a challenge (extend your front arm!) but it was your dvd that got me there.” Tristan, Australia
“Mr Cribb , are a genius ! Yes , a total , Uber-genius . I went for a sail on New Years' Day ( just past ) and was cracking one planing exit after another on my gybes ! %&8#  the feeling I had as a kid when I learnt to ride a bicycle without training wheels ! This feeling , on New Years' Day , 2010 , with spray in my face , was a million times better ! It's sad that a move that looks so easy to on-lookers is so difficult to master , but there is not a chance in hell that I could have done it without your DVD . So I just wanted to say : thank you thank you thank you !!!” - Ulric, South Africa

"To Guy Cribb, The man that made windsurfing so much easier! My names Scully, I am sending this email simply to thank you for all your effort in the INtuition Magazine Articles and Gybing Dvd. The magazine articles have been my windsurfing bible since i took up the awesome sport, and have been vital for me to learn the basics of windsurfing. I am amazed at how important and helpful your core skills are to simply sailing in a straight line. 
Thanks to your INtuition Gybing Dvd, yesterday I set my first Personal Best top speed at 24.9 Knots and have found myself performing countless planing carve gybes. In less than just 10 weeks you have helped me achieved this, i hope that this email will give you the desire and motivation to get out there and create another INtuition Dvd for my benefit :D (freestyle dvd please) If i ever find myself on a podium with a trophie in my hand, your the man to thank. Cheers"
- Scully, Australia

"Wanted to send you a quick mail to thank you and congratulate you for the great work you are doing for windsurfing. Your gybing dvd is simply fantastic, the amount of detailed analysis is incredible, and by watching it over and over and over again I managed to get my first planing gybes after over 10 years of frustrated attempts. We look forward to the forthcoming dvds! The technique articles are great, my dad is over 60 and he managed to get on the plane for the first time thanks to your tips on downforce. He owes you a beer!"- Fabio, Brazil
"You'll never guess what I got given for my Birthday? oh okay you will , some dodgy DVD (think it was originally in Betamx format) some bloke sailing round in circles with a cheesy voice over, sounded as if was recorded in a toilet! NO seriously mate MEGA, really breakdowns the stuff that counts in true Intuition style. I can now carve my 205litre sofa (no straps) so cant wait to get back on the water and work on far too many bad habits. Cribby strikes again!” - Alec, UK
“I bought the gybing dvd on the strength of your magazine articles, and I just wanted to say thanks and congratulations on the dvd. It is extremely well produced and easy to navigate: you have clearly put a lot of work into it. I only wish instruction of this standard was so easily available when I was doing more windsurfing.”- Edward, Scotland

“I was very impressed by your DVD. I was a bit sceptical about whether I wanted another gybing DVD but there are plenty of things to learn from it. Focussing on the core skills works very well. Eg yesterday was sailing well overpowered – not ideal conditions to be memorising whole chunks of instruction – but downforce, boomshaka and moonwalk were getting me around between the waves!” - Johnny, UK

“Thanks Guy for sharing the innovative 7 Cores Skills...and fantastic "how to" video on the GYBE.  Your cool names for the 7 Core skill is extraordinary.    Being a professional coach in gymnastics, rockclimbing and skiing over the past 39 years, I can tell you....your DVD is top shelf.  Looking forward to your next one since in retirement, I intend on starting a windsurfing school. Been back in windsurfing four years after 12 years hiatus and saw the trailer for DVD and ordered it.   Even though in the US, it will not play on normal DVD/TV in current format, it does play very well on PC.  Please get it out in US DVD format.  Between the Alan Cadiz, Dasher, and Hart video and DVD's it pretty well covered...but your's is vivid and in combination with the 7 core skill which are used throughout windsurfing.....WOW…. The jibe and 7 Core Skills with unique names mixed together....just a perfect 10.0.”- Ned, USA

"Just watched your video last night.  Very very well done - amazing amount of content.  If they're not gybing after this DVD they must have had the telly turned off!!" -  Haha!  Laurie, Australia

“great work with the Gybe DVD, I absolutely love it. Only trouble is you've now robbed me of my excuse of not being able to do them! I like the way it's all broken up into chapters and then mini sections within them, best of all is the summary, I fund this great to chuck on for 5 minutes just before going out on the water. I look forward to your future DVDs, Intuition is definitely the best method out there.”- Pete, UK

"I've been meaning to write to tell you how great I think your dvd is. I've been watching it all winter, doing my homework, working out at the gym, etc. etc. Excellent! I'm really looking forward to whatever you come out with next." - Bart, USA

"I did two planing carve gybes at the weekend, thanks to your teaching and the ace DVD at last I am a man." - Nigel, UK

"The information on the DVD is fantastic, its improving my windsurfing no end" - Nigel, Australia

“Gybing intuition DVD is great. My friends are amazed at my gybes now and they want to know how I improved so quickly. Was out in gowlane in a f7-8 on my 74litre and 4.2 last sat and I was coming out of them comfortably. Just kept watching the DVD over and over till I was sick of it.”-Paul, Ireland

“I have to say after watching it and then putting it in to practice on the water I am now completing far more gybes than I used to” - Nick,

"I got the intuition dvd last month and it was awsome! Loved it great dvd, real credit to u and all involved!,"- Tom

"Just like to offer my praise for the intuition instructional dvd.  A friend lent me it over the weekend, and having just watched it unblinkingly, I just ordered my own copy. I'm an intermediate whose been able to gybe for years, with about %25 chance of planing exits in good winds.  Having seen the dvd, I have realised two errors I make that might explain the %75 I don't plane out of. Thanks so much for putting the effort into such a great product.  Can't wait to get my own copy, and I'll be on the lookout for future endeavours; please don't lose heart, and keep up the good work." - Shane, Australia

"I and a couple of friends are enjoying your Intuition video; "gybing and core skills" - here on Martha's Vineyard; it has really improved my high wind turns, particularly in the bumpy, messy conditions we often get on really windy days.  Thank you for producing it"-Barry, USA


"I just have to write to thank you for making your Gybing DVD. It's fantastic! As a newcomer to gybing, I am eternally grateful that you helped me unlearn all the terrible advice I had been given by a "professional" windsurfing coach. I watched your video through and through, over and over, then hit the water. After just two sessions, I've got the light wind gybe nailed! Now I just need a good stiff breeze to try it planing. Of all the windsurfing gear I have bought, your Gybing DVD is my best and most important investment by far! Eagerly looking forward to your future DVDs,"  -John, uk

"There is no real point to this email other than that I wanted to say thank you. That is mainly for making your publications on intuition freely available on the internet. Last year I was searching the net for more tips on how to improve my technique en how to learn new tricks. There were many references to your website. I printed out all the PDF's that you published a read them all, they provide a lot of information and I started to put a lot of things in practice. I'm still reading them every now and then and pick up new things.
I started to raise my boom, put my lines more backward, worked on my stance, grapped a beer and practiced some muscle memory, I'm boomshakin' and dropping my guts... (darn, this stuff of yours is well indoctrinated.. ) Since a month ago I finally got a nice T3 waist harness and that really finished the job. I'm so happy sailing now, much more comfortable and with greater speed and balance. I'm standing most my gybes and last week I had a session with many planing gybes. I'm starting to get the hang of the tacking and just starting now to learn more trick. Anyway, I'm just so happily grooving on the water that I just wanted to share that. Maybe next year I'll try to attend one of your intuition courses because it's all becoming so much fun now, I want more! :) Cheers again and keep up the good work,"
- Martin, Holland

"Your gybing DVD sets the standard. It was key to me getting planing exits, and understanding the fundamentals of the core skills. Now, I want more!” - Mark, USA

20200102AustraliaFR, FW & Foil02-21 Jan'20
20200201FuerteventuraFoil Surf and Tow In Surfing course 01-08 feb'2020
20200308Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil08-22 Mar'20
20200425HawaiiSurf Gods25 April -09 May'19
20200525PrasonisiFR &Foil25-31 May'20
20200531PrasonisiFR &Foil31 May- 06 June'20
20200627PrasonisiFR & Foil27 June-04 July'20
20200704PrasonisiFR & Foil04-11 July'20
20200803UK & EuropeFR & FoilAug'20
20200905PrasonisiFR & Foil05-12 Sep'20
20201003Brandon BayFW03-10 Oct'30
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2020726Poole, UKKids Camp, FR & Foil26 July-02 Aug'20

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