INtuition V.I.P. (INvip)
Video Important Person

You film yourself- from the beach or from a camera mounted on your kit, then publish it online (YouTube for example) and email me the link.

I watch through your video and email you the list of all the skills I can help you improve on based on your video. I’ll send you a quote for each area of improvement- you can concentrate on one area at a time or go for the lot, your decision.

I create a personalised video of how and where you can best improve. This is published on the internet for your private viewing.

You put your new skills into practise and improve your windsurfing. Then send me some more recent film so INvip can take you to an even higher level! Here’s feedback from INvip’s very first guest who’s sent me some shots of him jumping-

“Your advice paid off huge dividends!!!... Just think of how much trial & error you saved me... Check out the improved height in the first jump, same sort of ramp as previous video, but about twice the height! Much appreciated!” Graham, UK, filming himself with a boom mounted camera.

Using INvip this winter I have been developing an 8 year old boy’s windsurfing 10,000 miles away in Australia! Here’s some of the email correspondence from his folks-

“Oh my God!  What a concept - you are a genius!! This is really taking things to another level and, I have to say, I had no idea that video analysis could be used so well and to this level.  You are truly a master at this…..You are worth more than you are charging ;)”

Remember on my INtuition courses we’re using personal video analysis every day so I am extremely experienced in giving accurate productive feedback! We’ve just found another means of sharing it with you personally.

“Definitely improved Alex's stance - very noticeable.  He understood it quickly and implemented it quickly…. Your description in the video….. illustrated the principle really well. Also we have tried (more downhaul) and I definitely agree that the mast should be softer.”

Alex’s dad in Canberra, Australia, Jan 2010.

So this really works, even from 10,000 miles away.

Send me your film even if you don’t think it could be productive. As your personal windsurfing coach, I should be the judge of that! You’d be amazed what I might spot, it’s free to try it anyway-
“You truly have "intuition" - so impressed that you could guess my length of harness lines (and even brand) from the footage!”
Akim doing one-handed jumps in Australia.

Wherever you are in the world, you can now get Guy Cribb INtuition coaching with instant feedback, bloody marvellous!

When I email you the list of skills we could work on, I will give you a time scale of when you can receive your INvip feedback- it will usually be as soon as payment has cleared.

I price the work according to how much time I put into your development, starting from around £30/ Euro 30/ US$ 45. Your payment comes with a money back guarantee, no questions asked. All payments to my PayPal account-

Some of my guests have requested to pay upfront for IN-VIP, so the feedback is instant rather than waiting for money to clear and/or time zone delays. Vouchers are available in my shop. These entitle you to-
-instant feedback (time zones dependent)
-give you priority position at the front of the queue.
-give you a 10% discount.

From the beach-
Getting some one to film you can be hard. Talk to your windsurfing widow very kindly and buy her a dress (unless it’s a bloke, in which case you know what to offer him.) Or team up with a windsurfing friend and take turns filming each other.
Use a tripod
Keep the camera steady and horizon straight.
Zoom in to the action. An ‘optical 2x teleconverter lens for video’ is a good accessory to use.
Film your mistakes, not just the good bits.

On board camera-
Position it as far from you as possible- for example on top of the mast / end of the boom.
Try different angles of the same moves (jumps/ gybes/ waterstarts etc)

You can buy INvip vouchers or make a payment here.
Suitable waterproof cameras for sale here too.

-Videos should not be longer than 5 minutes.
-When I am in Venezuela I do not have a good enough internet connection to offer INvip. For the other 51 weeks per year your feedback will come as fast as time zones allow.
-If you don’t think your film is good enough, please send it anyway- it’s remarkable what good advice I can offer you even from poor film- and it’s free to try!

All about you.

20200102AustraliaFR, FW & Foil02-21 Jan'20
20200201FuerteventuraFoil Surf and Tow In Surfing course 01-08 feb'2020
20200308Bonaire, CarribeanFR and Foil08-22 Mar'20
20200425HawaiiSurf Gods25 April -09 May'19
20200525PrasonisiFR &Foil25-31 May'20
20200531PrasonisiFR &Foil31 May- 06 June'20
20200627PrasonisiFR & Foil27 June-04 July'20
20200704PrasonisiFR & Foil04-11 July'20
20200803UK & EuropeFR & FoilAug'20
20200905PrasonisiFR & Foil05-12 Sep'20
20201003Brandon BayFW03-10 Oct'30
20201114BrazilFR14-28 Nov'20
2020411EssaouiraFW11-18 April'20
2020726Poole, UKKids Camp, FR & Foil26 July-02 Aug'20

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