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Prasonisi, Rhodes


Waterstarts, gybes, stance, tacking, tuning, speed, footstraps, freestyle and much more!

Cribby's comment
"For many years I'd been looking at running clinics in Prasonisi as the conditions are perfect- totally flat water with a good sense of shelter and safety, with wind statistics that are second to none in Europe. It was not until we found the right accommodation in a nearby village to combine the best experience of Greece with the best windsurfing that I first delivered a coaching clinic here in 2009. We scored wind everyday and ate only at the very best restaurants for the ultimate time on and off the water. Prasonisi is the windsurfing spot in Europe and INtuition offers the ultimate training course for you to radically improve all your skills and good times in the area."

INtuition Freeride Prasonisi 2010 week two
INtuition Freeride Prasonisi 2010 week one

Windy throughout the summer 15-30 knots, side off shore.

Totally flat water- perfect for carve gybes!

Launching and landing from a sandy beach into a bay area with about 10-15 metres of standing depth water makes this a safe and easy location even for the least experienced windsurfers. You always have the sensation that you are in an enclosed bay, even though the wind is basically offshore. Nearby there is also a wave spot but winds are dead onshore and therefore better suited to more experienced wave sailors rather than intermediates. Prasonisi is 99% a flat water location, if you want waves, go to a dedicated wave spot like Morocco.

No wetsuits needed in July/August although if you’re spending loads of time in the water developing the waterstart, bring a shorty/ short arm summer suit.

Fanatic, Starboard, North Sails centre in the best location on the beach- launching upwind of the crowds onto the best sailing area and flattest water in Prasonisi.

We stay in a nearby village in a basic hotel- nothing special other than it's location in the hills. We usually eat in the village in traditional Greek restaurants, some of the very best in the area, so from restaurant to bed is just a short stagger. The village is very cool compared with staying on the beach which literally has hundreds of camper vans scattered all over it and a couple of rather unauthentic Greek hotels with little or no views. Our village only has one bar, three restaurants and few residents, so is very chilled and quiet. We take a ten minute mini bus ride to and from the beach everyday, but you could return to the hotel if needs be during the day at any time. Internet and Wifi free of charge in village one minute walk from hotel room.

90 mins from airport.

All the windsurfing kit is right by the waters edge for your ease of use, yet the windsurf centre with changing room, showers, toilet etc is some 200 metres walk away as no buildings allowed by the water.

Wind every day so no need for alternatives! Great food and sight seeing all over Rhodos.

El scorhcio every day- shorts and t-shirts by day and most nights, however bring trousers and hoody for some of the windy evenings.

Video is filmed from a private raised platform ensuring the smoothest and clearest footage of you in action. Replayed after lunch on a widescreen so you can put the skills developed from the video right into action in the afternoon session- perfect!

Breakfast Typical Greek breakfasts in the hotel of fruits, yoghurts, cereals etc, plus eggs and toasted sandwiches. Lunch Huge pasta dishes for us all to share in beach restaurants, always pre arranged so we go straight from the water to eating immediately- no time wasted ordering. Dinner As usual with INtuition we go to dinner every evening as a group only to the very best local restaurants and other fun excursions. Local wine and delicacies making the evenings very entertaining.

After a long day on the water the INtuition evenings are typically just great banter around a dinner party with the group. However once a week the Prasonisi Center host a massive beach party and prize giving for the weekly local racing event, attracting all the windsurfers from all the centres for a legendary party.

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