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Dahab, Gulf of Aquba, Egypt


Cribby's Comment
"Dahab has been one of my most popular Freeride course locations due to the incredibly flat water and amazing wind statistics- the best in the Red Sea. Combined with the coolest hotel and the best windsurfing centre on the beach- Dahab has been a winning combo for hundreds of INtuition guests learning to gybe since 1999! However the wind became gusty due to the town expanding and lots of windsurfers, so we only spend a few days in Dahab utilising the great restaurants and infrastructure but the majority of the course is held at a secret lagoon nearby- totally safe, totally flat fluorescent turquoise water, even better winds with no gusts and only the INtuition windsurfers on the water for this unique exhilarating adventure. This is the new Dahab, an incredible adventure and the ultimate Freeride course to radically improve your windsurfing!"
INtuition Freeride Dahab Nov 2010
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90% perfect wind for May, June and Sept and about 70% for Nov and Feb/ March.

Totally flat water in bay. 100% flat water in speed area. Incredible turquoise water.

Dahab- safe lagoon area and advanced flat water speed area.
Secret Spot- 100% enclosed lagoon. Large areas of standing depth water. Totally flat water everywhere. Great blasting.

Shorties or long legs in the winter, board shorts from April to November- unless it's very windy or if you're in the water lots- best to pack a wetsuit.

Harry Nass Surf & Action Centre.
JP & Neil Pryde kit.
More than three times the size of any other Dahab centre but with out the crowds.
In the best location for INtuition and the only location that ensures you can't get swept out of the bay.
On an INtuition course you have variety of boards to use, rather than the fixed board scheme many centres use.

Every sailor going onto the speed area (off shore) is issued with personal walkie talkies to keep in touch with Harry's personal rescue boat.

Secret Spot- Fanatic / North gear.

Ibis Styles Hotel (formally called the Corolia Club)
On the beach a few seconds walk to windsurf centre. Incredible gardens, sparsely populated and very friendly staff.

Secret Spot
No hotel! Just shacks on the beach or sleep under the stars.

80mins from Sharm El Sheik airport.
Beach Café,
Showers / toilets.
Italian Restaurant.
Chill out shaded zone.

Snorkling, diving, sight-seeing, horse and camel riding (but there's always wind!). Fantastic local village.

Shorties or long legs in the winter, board shorts from April to November- unless it's very windy or if you're in the water lots- best to pack a wetsuit.
A high, steady video platform over looking the main windsurfing area, enabling me to shoot the ultimate footage of your windsurfng action.

Breakfast - Fantastic buffet.

Lunch -Thai, Italian or the hotel buffet.
Dinner - We go to town for the most incredible fresh seafood platters, Lebanese meals and BBQ's almost every night as there are fantastic restaurants if you know where to find them! You will leave Dahab amazed at how good the food was, which I can honestly say is not something you could remark upon elsewhere in Egypt or with out knowing where to go in Dahab.

The food at the secret spot is mostly Bedouin style freshly caught fish or chicken- it's not incredible but it is an experience for a few days backed up with lots of snacks to power us through the adventure.

Dahab (or technically Maspat and Asala) is a charming Bohemic seaside village full of restaurants and welcoming locals. We reach it with a few minute taxi ride- usually in the back of a pick-up truck or jeep adding to the experience! The colourful lighting and hippy chic styling makes hanging out downtown a pleasure. The restaurants are fantastic with a very friendly atmosphere. A truly cultural experience unique to Dahab that sets it a world apart from other Red Sea venues.

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